Lucky's Cat House Intake Process

Lucky's uses scheduled or appointment intakes to ensure that pets who can be safely cared for in their communities do not have to unnecessarily enter the rescue center. This practice will reduce the population of pets housed in the rescue center, help more pets get home faster, improve community health and safety, and reduce shelter-borne illnesses and behavioral decline associated with crowded animal shelter conditions. Scheduled intake is better for pets, better for people, and leads to healthier, safer communities.

What does the appointment-based intake process look like? When a person has a pet, they want to surrender or have found a lost pet, they can contact Lucky's via phone, email, or web-based form. Owners or finders will be asked to fill out an information form. A volunteer then follows up with a conversation to determine if the organization can help the owner or finder identify a solution that does NOT involve the pet coming to the rescue center. If no alternative solution can be found, and intake into the facility is determined to be the best option, an appointment is scheduled for the finder or owner to bring the pet into the shelter. Depending on the urgency of the situation and the capacity of the rescue center, that appointment may be scheduled on the same day or up to several weeks out.

What can members of the public expect?

Lucky's will provide help and support for pet owners. The member of the public should expect that the representative will offer alternatives to bringing the pet to the shelter and will ask the person calling to help by holding the pet, getting a lost pet home, or helping to rehome the pet. Lucky's can provide additional support, such as services to keep pets in their homes or supplies to care for found underage animals. The person should also expect if no viable alternatives can be identified that the pet will be scheduled for intake into the rescue center based on the urgency of the need and the capacity of the shelter at any given time.

For emergency situations you can text Lucky's 24/7 at 931-675-7077.
Fill out the form below to surrender a owned, lost, or found pet.

Intake Form

Read and please answer all required questions.

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