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Lucky’s Cat House Fostering

Do you want to make a life changing difference? Have you ever considered fostering?

Lucky’s Cat House is always seeking fosters. As the only feline shelter in 3 counties, the need for foster care is considerable. As a foster parent, you are a hero! You create a vital link in the network that saves feline lives. In return for your time and care, you get training and support! And lots of love and gratitude too! You may wonder why a cat needs foster care. It’s simple, cats and kittens need time and a warm, safe place to get their bearings while they get ready for finding their forever homes.

Ready to be a hero? Not sure? Afraid you’ll fall in love and won’t be able to let go? Talk to us, we’re foster parents too. 

What does it mean to be a foster family?

Cat and kitten foster parents provide short and long-term care for animals in their homes. By offering your time, love, and attention, you prepare the foster cat or kitten for adoption into a permanent, loving home.

Common reasons cats and kittens are in foster care:

  • They are too young and/or underweight to be placed up for adoption.
  • A momma cat and her nursing kittens need a home environment where they can feel safe and receive proper socialization.
  • Cats or kittens need time to recuperate from illness, injury, or health issues.
  • Cats who need domestication and one on one attention.
  • The area's need for feline help is too great for one shelter to house and care for all the felines in need. We utilize fosters to help with the need.

Duties as a Foster Care Parent:

Do you want to make a life changing difference? Have you ever considered fostering?

  • Provide daily care, feeding.
  • Socialize cats/kittens and give them plenty of TLC.
  • Provide transportation for your foster's medical appointments.
  • Be Committed: These cats/kittens will be in your care until they are ready to be placed for adoption.
  • Enjoy the love each kitty gives 

How Lucky's Cat House Foster Program Works:

Do you want to make a life changing difference? Have you ever considered fostering?

  1. Watch the 7 minute foster video below to make sure fostering is right for you.
  2. Once you complete the foster video, fill out the Lucky's Cat House On-Deck Survey ( this will help us match the correct foster kitty to each foster.
  3. When approved, you will receive a welcome email with an online orientation packet. ( Make sure to watch your spam folder)
  4. Once all forms are completed we will match a foster kitty to your preferences and needs and we will contact you to arrange pick up within 24-48 hours.
  5. During pick up all wellness appointments will be scheduled and you will receive any supplies that are needed.
  6. While the kitty is in foster care, you will receive an email with our In Foster Care Survey once a month to help keep the foster kitty up to date in our system, and assure we have pictures to help each kitty find their forever home.
  7. After a foster kitty leaves, you will be sent a foster survey and asked if you would like to foster again.
  8. If you choose to foster again just fill out another Lucky's Cat House On-Deck Survey (

Lucky's Cat House is a small scale 501(c)(3) non-profit cat rescue working in Lincoln, Marshall and Giles counties in middle TN.


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