Meet The Team

The board members of Lucky's Cat House!

Cynthia Burton


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Jaclyn Payne

Founder & Director Of Operations

Jaclyn Payne is the Founder and Director of Operations for Lucky’s Cat House and as far back as 1990 she has been involved with rescue in some form. A military brat, Jaclyn, has traveled the country and for the last 20 years has lived in southern middle Tennessee with her son, Justyn. Together with her parents they own and operate one of the oldest country stores in Tennessee.

Jaclyn started rescuing animals as a child, by 14 years old she was awarded volunteer of the year by The Humane Society of North Texas. While fostering and volunteering with the Humane society of North Texas Jaclyn also volunteered her time at local veterinary clinics, learning as much as she could. At 16 years old Jaclyn was involved in her first heart breaking rescue, one that stayed with her for most of her life. Lucky, a 6 month old male tabby, and Lucky’s Cat House’s

namesake. Lucky helped Jaclyn understand we can’t do it all, but we can do something.

At 17 Years old Jaclyn started working with North Texas Wildlife Rehabilitations. With her mothers help they became licensed wildlife rehabilitators, with the highest survival rate of cotton tails, doves, mockingbirds, and pigeons in the area. In 2018 Jaclyn started working with a local southern middle Tennessee rescue group, Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee, where she became the feline coordinator for the group. Rescuing more than one thousand cats in one year, she saw an urgent need for feline help in her area. Jaclyn and a group of friends and fellow cat lovers started Lucky’s Cat House.

Jaclyn has turned her home into the cat house, and houses and cares for all of Lucky’s cats. In addition to the Lucky cats Jaclyn and her son have 5 dogs; Dooby, JP, AmE, Lissie, and Heffer and 9 cats; Dee Dee, Wall-e, RayB, Dory, Eve, Luna, Willow, Opal, and Pearl. All are rescues from the last 13 years.

Jaclyn is determined to make a difference in her community and the lives of the animals she helps.

Phil Randall

Administrative Director

Phil Randall is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Lucky's Cat House. Phil is from Michigan where he met his wife of 20 years. He moved to Middle Tennessee with his family about 10 years ago. Phil has 2 children. His oldest is currently serving in the United States Navy.

Phil began his adventure in the rescue business by serving as kitty transportation specialist. He was a kitty Uber. After 8 months in that capacity, Phil joined Jaclyn in starting her new venture, Lucky's Cat House.

Phil spent many years in the restaurant business where he was the General Manager of many concepts and brands. From full service to fast food and even a sports bar, Phil has seen it all in the restaurant industry. A few years ago, however, Phil became sick and was no longer able to continue his career in the restaurant industry. After a lengthy recovery process that continues to this day, Phil found his new passion by working to rescue cats. His unique perspective of business acumen makes him the perfect choice to serve as our CFO.

Phil says the best part of the rescue is getting to love and cuddle all the cats. He has 5 cats of his own and enjoys the purr boxes of each cat at every opportunity. He is definitely a CAT DADDY! Also included in this photo is Nika. She is a senior cat and resides in the office. When she is not climbing on the desk to interrupt work for attention, she enjoys laying in the bay window working on her tan.

Karon Johnson

Foster Assessor

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Laura Rowland

Veterinary Liaison

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Lisa Davison

Grant Facilitator

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Lucky's Cat House is a small scale 501(c)(3) non-profit cat rescue working in Lincoln, Marshall and Giles counties in middle TN.


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